Posted by Admin | November 16th, 2013

At once cosmopolitan and deeply historic, the island of Sicily is one of Europe’s treasures, and an incredible place to visit. While it evokes the feel of Italy, Sicily is clearly its own place, with its own distinctive traditions, cuisine and atmosphere. There are a wealth of things to see and do, and travelers like Sanjay Patil MD are happy to peel the layers back to uncover the city’s treasures.

Having at different times been a Roman province, a Greek colony and an Arab emirate, and featuring Greek, French, Spanish and Jewish influences, Sicily was one of the first truly multicultural regions. Evidence of this is found in the city’s art, architecture and cuisine, making a visit an eclectic cultural experience, especially for history lovers like Sanjay Patil MD.

As a place where Plato gave discourse, St. Paul preached and Greek mythology unfolded, Sicily gives depth and dimension to well-known ancient people and stories. Ancient sites like the Valley of the Temples, the Piazza Vittoria and many Greek, Roman and Phoenician ruins make this an incredible place to get a sense of the ancient world.

Sicily isn’t all about historic sites. There’s also wine country to explore (both in the Western part of Sicily and in the Nebrodi mountains), beaches to sun yourself upon and mountain tours to take. But Sanjay Patil MD most recommends just sitting back in enjoyment as you traverse a scenic landscape of green rolling hills and distant mountains, and as you sample the region’s famed cheeses, hams and farm-fresh cuisine.